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What to do when your child starts saying F*ck

Many of us will be very cautious about the words we use in front of our children, while some may let out a curse word from time to time. No matter what category we fall into, hearing our child curse is definitely not a pleasant experience! Well, whether u find what they had just said amusing or appalling, the last think you will want is for your little kiddo to say F*ck, or any other curse words you can think off! I'm pretty sure that most of us agree that swearing is a horrible and offensive habit that we will never want our children to develop! Here are some tips for you, if you catch your little one curse!

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5 Ways to Help Your Child Overcome His/Her Fear

Does your child have a certain fear or phobia? Is he/she afraid of the dark or the scary monster hiding under his/her bed? Well, it is pretty common for children to have some sort of fear. Overcoming them is something you could teach them and below are some ways you can help them to overcome that fear!

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5 Tips to Stop your Children from Fighting

Children, especially siblings fight with each other due to many various reasons. I am pretty sure you will experience your children fighting at some point in time when growing up. Disagreement is a form of child development. Hence, parents should take note on when they should intervene and what they should to keep kids from fighting. Here are 5 tips on how you can stop your child from fighting.

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Getting Started: Breastfeeding

If you are reading this, chances are you are a first-time mummy! This will also mean that you do not have any experience about breastfeeding! Well, not to worry! We have got you covered! Based on our research and studies, we are going to share with you a guide on breastfeeding!

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I've seen this recipe online somewhere before and at first, I was very skeptical.. Probably the same feeling you are having now as you read this. However, I decided to give the recipe a try because it sounded rather interesting.. Turns out, it was delicious! The zucchini did not really spoil/ affect the taste of the pizza, instead, it alleviated the entire taste! Giving it a hearty and delicious note to it. Try this recipe out and see if you could get your little one to finally have some vegetables!

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