5 Interesting Baby Facts You Probably Didn't Know!

We all know that babies are insanely adorable! Little did we know that we could probably learn some things from them! Below are some facts that helps us to learn and appreciate the miracles of life!
1. Newborns cant shed tears!
Did you know that newborn babies cant shed any tears? Everyone knows that babies tend to wail and and scream for things they want. However, little did we know that babies cant shed or produce any tears until they are about 3 weeks old! In fact, it is common for babies to shed their first tears only when they are 3-4 months old.
2. They can't see colours
Did you know that babies can only see three colours - white, grey and black, and can only focus about 8 - 12 inches of their sight from their faces? The colours of the world will only appear after the first few weeks of their birth!
3. The chances of having twins is higher now!
Did you also know that the chances of having twins now is much higher than it was 40 years ago? Many research has shown that the birth rates of twins has increased by 76% since 1980!
4. Baby in your womb can help you recover from some illness!
This is one fact, I didn't know myself too! Did you know that during pregnancy, if a mother suffers from an organ damage, the baby in the womb will be able to transfer some stem cells to the mother and repair the damages! This is why, many mothers who suffered from heart diseases during or just after pregnancy, was able to recover unexpectedly!
5. Babies recognizes his mother's voice at birth
Did you finally know that babies are able to recognize their mother's voice when their still in their mother's womb? It is also the only sound they are able to recognize and will respond to this sound above other voices!

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