5 Tips to Sooth a Colic Baby

Do you have a baby who has been crying non-stop ever since he/she is born? Or have you experience a baby who is inconsolable and always wailing? Well, we have some tips for you! I was a Colic Baby and was known for being a "cry-baby" since then! Up till today, whenever I visit my uncles and aunties, they will remind me of how my cries used to shake up the whole world. haha!
Don't worry! Below are some tips and guides you can try to soothe your baby!
1. Baby-wearing
If your baby only feels secure and calm when he/she is in your arms, you may want to try baby-wearing. Baby-wearing means carrying your baby in a sling or a baby carrier. Baby-wearing is one of the many ways to soothe your baby. Not only does it have motion, baby-carrying will also let the baby be able to see new things in the security of your presence.
2. White noise
Babies are not used to silence. They are familiar with the constant sound of your heartbeat, blood flowing through your body and the rumbling sound of your stomach. Therefore, one way to soothe your baby is to make white noise. This can be done through shushing close to your babies ear, or even using electrical appliances such as turning on a hair-dryer or a vacuum cleaner!
3. Ample sleep
Colic babies tend to have a lack of sleep. This is actually a vicious cycle as the baby will exhaust himself from crying and the more exhausted the baby gets, the more cranky he/she will be. This will make your baby even harder to soothe. Therefore, your baby will need a balanced and solid sleep during the night and the day. Find a dark and peaceful spot for your baby to rest. But, do take note that a baby's sleep evolves as they do, so be mindful of that.
4. Feeding techniques
Another reason why your baby may be always crying is due to the constant discomfort they experience. One way to soothe your little one is to change your feeding technique. This is how you can change. When you are feeding your baby, make sure your baby's head is higher than their stomach. Secondly, when bottle-feeding your baby, try to prevent the intake of air bubbles from mixing the formula by letting the milk rest a little before feeding. Lastly, burp your baby frequently when feeding him/her.
5. Calm yourself
When tips and tricks does not work out, put your baby down and take a deep breathe. Have some water and calm yourself down. This will help to soothe your baby as you do not pass the anxiety you have to him. Once you have calm yourself down, hug your baby. You will be able to soothe and calm him. Because, if you can't, no one can
We hope that these tips and tricks helps you to soothe your baby. Do let us know our experiences and tricks that you will want to share!

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