5 Unique and Delicious Purees to Feed Your Baby!

We have all heard about the different types of purees we can feed our babies. However, apart from the boring purees like sweet potato puree or carrot puree, here are 5 different types of purees that are unique, delicious and healthy for your baby!
1. Kiwi + Apple + Zucchini
Simply put some Kiwi, Apple and Zucchini into a food blender and this delicious treat will be ready for your baby to eat! This fruit puree is both tangy, sweet and refreshing! It is also pact with a lot of nutrients that your baby will need!
2.Blueberry + Apple + Spinach 
Well, it is never too early to hide some spinach in your child's food! With the sweet flavours from the blueberries and apples, your child will barely even taste the spinach in it! He/she will be more than willing to finish up the meal that is full of healthy vitamins!
3. Cherry + Squash + Almond Milk
This is a summery meal that is refreshing and super yummy! It is so yummy, you may even find yourself having some!
4. Banana + Mango
The banana and mango puree is sweet, smooth and creamy! Every child will definitely love this combination! Just make sure that your banana is ripe and your mango is soft, and you will be good to go! However, do take note not to give your baby too much banana as it may cause constipation!
5. Peach + Raspberry + Quinoa
If your baby is able to start taking grains, quinoa is a good first starter! Quinoa is packed with lots of nutrients and is also fairly easy to cook! This peach, raspberry and quinoa recipe will make your child come back for more!

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