What to do when your child starts saying F*ck

Many of us will be very cautious about the words we use in front of our children, while some may let out a curse word from time to time. No matter what category we fall into, hearing our child curse is definitely not a pleasant experience! Well, whether u find what they had just said amusing or appalling, the last think you will want is for your little kiddo to say F*ck, or any other curse words you can think off! I'm pretty sure that most of us agree that swearing is a horrible and offensive habit that we will never want our children to develop! Here are some tips for you, if you catch your little one curse! 

1. Don't over-react!

If you make a scene when your child says a curse word, there's a high chance that this will reinforce the behaviour. Why? Because, by doing so, he/she has caught your attention. This might happen again when he craves for your attention the next time, or when he decides that it is a good word to use when he wants to get under your skin.

2. Do not laugh

Even if you find it interesting or funny, this can also increase the chance of your child repeating it again. Your little kiddo will see that he made you laugh, and might use the same word again when he wants to be funny. 

3.  Avoid confronting your child about swearing when you are angry or upset. 

Work through the problem at hand, and discuss the bad language when both you and your child is calmer. Watch your language a little more closely too. Children often pick up these dirty words at home, and if you use them frequently, they are more likely to think that it is acceptable for them to say  these words themselves.

4. Offer more acceptable alternatives to swearing

There are many words in the English dictionary that are not as offensive as those curse words he/she just said. Also, try encouraging your little one to make up his own silly expressions to use instead of those curse words! 

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